Create your own Free iPhone Shopping List

iPhone Free Shopping List

I have wanted an app that I can use to be my shopping list. Ideally the lists would be web-based and shareable with Mary, my wife. The list would also need to be live; meaning that if I checked something off it would be removed shortly from the list. This would be needed if I stopped at the store and Mary also stopped. She would see that the list is empty meaning that I had done the shopping.

I found my answer in the cloud, the iCloud. Since we have iPhone 4S’s we each have iCloud accounts. The iCloud is a cloud-based storage space that can be used to consolidate your mail, calendars, contacts, and reminders. You can have multiple reminder lists. I then set up a reminder list for each store. I then shared my reminder list with Mary. From my iPhone I can add items to a specific shopping list and it syncs with the iCloud and shares it with Mary’s phone. Now any item that is entered by either one of us can be viewed by both of us. Perfect!

Now to make it even easier let’s invite Siri to the party. Siri is a new feature available on the iPhone 4S. Siri is your personal assistant that you talk to. She then figures out what you mean and suggests a solution. So now, I tell Siri to “Add romaine lettuce to the Costco list” – Siri responds with “OK I can add this to your Costco list of reminders, shall I go ahead?” I then say “Yes!” and it is placed on my iCloud Reminder List. It then syncs with Mary’s iPhone. Brilliant!

Steps to Setup:

Go to your iCloud Dashboard at à – You must set the Reminder Lists up on the web to allow sharing

Click on Calendar

Click on the Settings icon at the top-right

Click New Reminder List

Name the list as the store you want to shop at. I entered many, Von’s, Trader Joe’s, Costco, Sprouts, Home Depot, Petco

Click the little green icon next to the list name

Add the iCloud email address of the person you want to share the list with

That is it!

How to use:

Once you have the lists setup and shared all you need to do is tell Siri what you need to buy and where.

Me: “Add Diet Doctor Pepper Caffeine-free to my Von’s list”

Siri: “OK I can add this to your Von’s list of reminders, shall I go ahead?”

Me: “Yes”

Now when you go to the store you click on the Reminders icon on your iPhone, click the top left and choose which store you want. As you place items in your cart you check the box to mark the items as ‘Completed’


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  1. Brian says:

    Nice, very helpful. I didn’t know iOS notes could be so easily collaborative. Thanks.